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      Founded in 1999 by President and CEO Harley Zhao, Original Force has established itself as one of the preeminent animation houses in the video game arena, providing top-quality content services to glo...
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    Core values About Us

    Our people are our most valuable resource.

    We act as a team, and team effort is recognized against most heroic acts.

    Employees must be honest, upright, responsible and maintain?the?highest?standards?of ethical behavior.


    Our primary objective is to assist companies in building core competitiveness and achieve long term success.

    We diligently seek financial returns along with improving values to our society.

    We resolutely avoid any action that would damage shareholder value or bring harm to clients or companies.?


    We have an obligation to generate returns for our clients.

    We share our success with our companies, clients and employees.

    We maintain narrow focus on fund management, as this is our core competency.

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